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What to do When Your Podcast Cover Art Doesn’t Show Up

The first two things that will make an impact about your show is your title and your podcast cover art. Podcast cover art or podcast logo may just be a small image that you see, but let’s face it, in one way or another you have judged whether to subscribe to a podcast or not by simply looking at their cover art.

That’s how important this little piece of online real estate is. And that is also the reason why you should immediately resolve issues when your podcast cover art is not showing up on iTunes or any podcast directory.

If you have this problem right now, I’m sorry to hear that. I know it gets pretty frustrating. But if you’ve been waiting for over a week now, you should probably do some quick checking why your cover art is not showing up and not just leave that good Apple or iTunes will take care of it for you.

Here are a few tips to get you started with the troubleshooting.

1. Check your image format or file extension.

You can have your image in JPEG or PNG. One uncommon thing to remember is to make sure that the color should be in RGB and not CMYK. If you are going to order a podcast cover done for you, it is best to specify that it should be in RGB because CMYK is not supported by Apple.

2. Check your feed.

In many instances the issue emanates from the feed and not really iTunes. Check your image tag by viewing it in www.feedvalidator.org then look for this tag <itunes:image> try to copy the URL and paste it on your browser to see if the image is correct or not.

3. Check the file name.

This often happens when you change the image but just had the original image overwritten. As a best practice, if you want to change the image on your feed, make sure to change the file name too. This will make sure that you are not confusing the system to ignore the change that you’ve made.

4. Check for updates.

If you are using third party plugins and providers, make sure you always check for updates and news. Blubrry Powerpress, Podpress and other WordPress plugins post vulnerability to compatibility issues, so updates is always important to take note of.

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