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Looking for the perfect tools for your podcast?

Your podcasting tools and the content you are going to create are the pillars of your podcast. In podcasting, it’s not just about being able to deliver your content. If you want to stand out, you need quality. You can have the ability to enhance your delivery by utilizing different tools. Whether through a great microphone, a good audio editing software, or just about any other gadget, you have the power to bring out the best in every show you produce.

Recording Equipments

We've curated a list of recording gears, from microphones, to mixers, and different accessories.

Podcast Media Hosting Services

We have a growing list of podcast media hosting providers that you can check out for great promos.

Apps & Software

Whether it's an app for your computer or a mobile app from Google Play store and Apple App store, we got you covered with this list of apps and software.

Podcast Hosting Companies

Here's a list of top podcast hosting companies that we can proudly recommend for you to use. 

Blubrry hosting


One the most trusted name in podcast hosting. Blubrry is the maker of Blubrry Powerpress, a WordPress plugin designed for podcasting.

Podcasting Tools, Software, & Gears 1


If you want to create multiple podcasts but don't want to pay individually for hosting, Captivate is for you. One price - multiple shows.

Podcasting Tools, Software, & Gears 2


Record, publish, straight from your mobile phone, interact with your audience, do live podcasting, Podbean is for you.



If 30 days isn't enough for you to test out these podcast hosts, then check out Buzzsprout and get their 90-day free trial.

USB Microphones

Here's a list of our top USB microphones that you can use for your podcast. Depending on your budget and the environment where you're going to record, one of these microphones will probably meet your requirement. 

blue yeti USB microphone

Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti USB microphone is a condenser microphone the provides great sound that's really great specially if you have a sound treated room to record as it's more sensitive than the dynamic ATR2100.


Audio Technica ATR2100

The ATR2100 is probably the most popular podcast microphone available in the market today not only because it cost a little less than $70 but also because it has great quality audio that can fit most podcasters budget.

Podcasting Tools, Software, & Gears 3

Shure MV7

Shure MV7 is the latest microphone from Shure, the maker of the popular SM7B dynamic microphone.