Your podcasting tools and the content you are going to create are the pillars of your podcast. In podcasting, it’s not just about being able to deliver your content. If you want to stand out, you need quality. You can have the ability to enhance your delivery by utilizing different tools. Whether through a great microphone, a good audio editing software, or just about any other gadget, you have the power to bring out the best in every show you produce.

Cost is not always a measure of quality. You can produce great shows with great quality audio by utilizing free tools. The point is, having a great collection podcasting resources should be able to help you be as economical as you can, but still at par with the standards and the kind of quality you would like your audience to experience.

In this page, I have listed some of the podcasting tools that I have used and my clients have used. some are for free, but the others are a good investment that you may consider as you continue to improve your setup and your show.

Media Hosting Services

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Podbean hosting

Audio Editing and Recording

Podcasting Tools, Software, & Gears 2
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WordPress Plugins

Simple Podcast Press
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Bossjock iPad App