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Why Choose Blubrry Hosting

Why Choose Blubrry Podcast Hosting Service

The number of podcast hosting service providers is growing every day. And as it grows, it gets even more challenging and confusing to choose which one is best for you and your podcast.

Today, we’re going to look at Blubrry Hosting and see why you should choose them for your podcast.

Blubrry Hosting is one of the leading names for podcast hosting services and not only that, they’ve also built a community and directory for podcasters. So if you’re one of those who are still deciding on where to take your podcast files, then I hope this will help you decide why Blubrry is the one for you.

Podcasting Industry Leader

Blubrry hosting service has been around for about a decade now, just as close to how long podcasting has been. And from that we can say that they’ve been one of the biggest names promoting and advancing podcasting.

They are also the first company to be IAB Certified to be in compliance with Podcast Measurement Guidelines.

Customer Support

The challenge for those who want to get started with podcasting is the steep learning curve. For the non-techie people, that’s a major difficulty. And with so many options to choose from it can be confusing why you would still need to have a podcast host if you already have a web host.

The great thing about Blubrry is they don’t just have a support system to answer all these noob questions, but they’ve also built a community where starters and experienced podcasters can come together to help in resolving issues like, missing podcast cover art, or how to generate RSS feed.

And if you’re moving from a different provider, Blubrry offers free phone/email support or even a one on one consultation.

So from social media, videos, to email support, to phone support or even written help documents or manuals, Blubrry offers these multiple options to make your experience as smooth as can be.


For the budget conscious podcaster, Blubrry’s pricing plans starts at $12 per month which is a middle ground between a low of $5 from other providers to some other providers who offer their hosting for far more money. However, there are some neat benefits that comes with these.

1. First month for free if you use FLORANTE as a promo code

2. Long Tail podcasting
What is Long Tail Podcasting? Well, you might be familiar with long tail keywords but long tail podcasting may be new. Long tail podcasting is simply what gives you the option to:

  • Replace and edit past episodes / content — giving you the ability to update your archive with no additional cost.
  • Replace media files without it counting against your storage quota for the month.
  • Change whatever you please and republish, as long as the file size is within 10 percent of the original file size and the name of the episode is unchanged. Insert current advertisements into past episodes

3. No overage charge
A common practice with most podcast hosting providers is overage fees or forced upgrades. If you’ve reached a certain threshold for your plan, you won’t be able to upload any new files unless you upgrade or delete. With Blubrry, you are given a complimentary data storage of up to 25 percent of your hosting plan.

4. Free WordPress site
Don’t have a website? No problem, Blubrry provides you with a basic Powerpress Site for every paid hosting plan you sign up for.IAB Compliance

5. IAB Compliant statistics – you can read more about Blubrry’s Podcast compliance or check out Blubrry’s compliance certificate here.

6. Free media migration


Blubrry provides a lot of convenient options to do podcasting. If you’re a WordPress user, you’ve probably come across Blubrry Powerpress plugin. It’s a WordPress plugin that takes your podcasting experience right into your WordPress site. No need to login to other sites. You can upload your episode file, write your title, show notes, and publish it to different directories right when you publish your blog post.

In addition, installing Blubrry Powerpress on your WordPress website gives you full control of your RSS feed and brings you the podcast statistics right in your dashboard.

Podcast Monetization

If you would like to generate some revenue to cover some cost for your podcast production, you can join Blubrry’s advertising partner program. While this may not be suitable for those who are just starting out, this may be part of your future option to not just share great content, but at the same time make money out of your show. If you want to learn more, how you can apply to Blubrry Priority partner program, just visit Blubrry Podcast Advertising.

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