Project Details

Project Overview

Launched in November 2017, WINGS of Inspired Business hosted by Melinda Wittstock has interviewed hundreds of women entrepreneurs from different fields of expertise but with a common goal, to make an impact in the world with their business. Melinda's podcast was featured and recognized in Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top business podcasts.

My Role

I worked with Melinda on this podcast from the initial planning, launching 20 episodes in a week, and maintaining the podcast up to this writing (April 2021). In addition to audio editing of the weekly episodes, I also oversee:

  • posting of accompanying blog post on her website
  • creation of transcript page
  • curating all the links from the different platforms where the show is submitted
  • creating pretty links for each post and transcript page

The WINGS of Inspired Business podcast initially was a daily podcast, then 3 episodes, and eventually settled with 2 episodes released every week, Tuesday and Thursday.