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The Chalene Show 1Project Background

I started working with Chalene Johnson during my days on Elance. We’ve started with the setup of her two podcasts, Build Your Tribe and The Chalene Show. I’ve provided the technical and backend help and basically took care of the audio editing, transcription and show notes creation. I’ve also worked on converting video files and turn it into audio form so we can use it for her podcast.
The Chalene Show has been recognized as one of iTunes’ Best of 2014 and continues to be a top rated show on Apple Podcast.
Chalene Johnson
Here’s what Chalene has to say about my service:
Florante simplified the process of launching two podcasts at once with patience, efficiency, speed and professionalism. He was fast to make suggestions and offer service at a rate that allows me to do what I do best and leave the technical details to him. Even when I made a big error and assumed it was on his side, he quickly fixed it without pointing out that the error was mine (which I discovered on my own later!) I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars testing other providers to find the right one! In my first week of launching both shows hit number one in their categories and top 10 shows in all categories!! So while our relationship is new, I’ve been pleasantly impressed. – Chalene Johnson