Where Catwalk Meets Commerce


Kelly Lundberg is an award winning celebrity stylist, keynote speaker, author and renowned entrepreneur. She is the founder of StyleMeDivine.com, a bespoke styling agency based in Dubai, UAE. Kelly has been featured in various international publications and has a number of notable achievements under her belt having styled for the BRIT Awards, The Grammy's, [...]

The Vitality Coach Podcast


Show Background The Vitality Coach Podcast is hosted by author, speaker, and lifestyle coach, Nikki Fogden-Moore.  Nikki specializes in working with super driven individuals and companies to find the ultimate health & vitality – in business and in life. This year, 2019, Nikki rebranded her show from The Vitality Show to The Mojo Maker [...]

Online Sales Mentor Podcast


Show Background Online Sales Mentor Podcast by Franklin Medina is focused on teaching Amazon sellers, eBay-preneurs, and online sellers to grow, build, and automate their business. With 66 episodes into his podcast, 97 reviews in the US iTunes store, Franklin Medina remains focused on his goal, to help others reach their goals. Project Scope [...]

Fierce Feminine Leadership


Show Background Eleanor Beaton is a women's leadership expert, award winning journalist, international speaker, coach, and expert in high performance for women. Her podcast, Fierce Feminine Leadership tackles on women in business and leadership. Her show provides a great resource as she brings well known experts, and influencers in the realm of women empowerment. [...]

The Active Marketer Podcast


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