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Podcast Connect – Apple’s Latest Podcast Management Dashboard

If you tried submitting your podcast to iTunes until yesterday, you might have been met with a scare because the submit podcast button suddenly disappeared on iTunes.

missing submit podcast

I just learned of this yesterday when my friend and fellow podcast manager, Ron, alerted me of the issue. It started with podcast submissions getting this weird redirect page and then eventually going missing.

podcast connect

But today, to my big surprise, the redirect link suddenly shows an entirely new page, this time, it’s working. Welcome to the Apple’s Podcast Connect.

itunes podcast connect

So, what can you find in this new page?

Podcast listing

The podcast listing summary will show you the different podcasts that was submitted to iTunes using your Apple ID. If you ask if it will affect the listing if you’ve changed your Apple ID, the answer is, no. It will not. I just recently changed my Apple ID and when I logged in to Podcast Connect, it still shows all podcasts I’ve submitted.

Podcast submission

Since the submit podcast is no longer available in iTunes, podcast submission will now be handled by the new Apple podcast management dashboard. You will be able to validate your fpodcast status in podcast connect dashboardeed, which will show if the feed is compatible with iTunes requirements. If it passes, then you’ll have a submit button that you can click to complete the submission.

Podcast feed status

It’s a bit of mystery when your podcast starts to miss showing the latest episode in iTunes and you are literally left to yourself to examine what is wrong with your feed or if iTunes just had a fit. But in the new dashboard, you will be able to see the status of your podcast, whether it’s active, failed review, rejected, deleted, or hidden.

Hide and delete podcast

This new feature basically cuts the long process of requesting podcast removal from iTunes . I’ve written a post on the three ways to request removal of podcast from iTunes and with this new feature in the podcast connect dashboard, it makes it as easy as one click.

That’s the round up on the new Podcast connect management dashboard. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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