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How to Request Removal of Podcast from iTunes

There are three ways on how to request the removal of your podcast on iTunes.

Option #1: Request podcast removal from iTunes using iTunes store

First and probably the most common is going to iTunes store.
1. Sing in to the iTunes store with your Apple ID.
2. Find and Select the podcast you would like to be removed
3. At the bottom left of the screen, click on Report a Concern.
4. Under the dropdown, choose the concern that says “Remove a Podcast”
Requesting podcast removal
Then fill out the email address field and provide a detail of the reason for removal.
Once you’ve completed that, hit submit.

Option #2: Request podcast removal from iTunes using email to [email protected]

The second option is to email [email protected]
I’ve tried this a couple of times with the clients I’ve worked with and have had success in getting a person to respond and actually process my request. Based on my email, the response took about five days, which is not bad. You just have to be patient and understand that there’s no specific time frame that you’ll get an answer from them. So if you want to really make sure you got all points covered to reach out to iTunes, check out the third option.
Requesting removal of podcast via email

Option #3: Request podcast removal from iTunes using ticketing system

It’s a ticketing system that enables you to submit requests on various topics or concerns about your podcast including
  • Changing of the Feed URL
  • Reactivating the feed
  • Request for a provider page
  • Manage provider page
  • Submission inquiry
  • Podcast removal
Image 201
Once you’ve clicked on the topic, you will get the form below where you can fill out the different information required include the reason for your request of removal and the iTunes Store podcast URL.
Image 200
Just fill out all the fields and hit submit.
Alright, so there you go. I hope this helps.
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Happy podcasting.
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