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How to Record Skype Calls with Skype for Content Creators on Mac

After years of using third party plugins and software to record Skype calls, Microsoft has finally released it’s long awaited version of built in call recording. The latest version called Skype for Content Creators aims at the growing market of podcasters, YouTubers, and other content creators. This version can be downloaded from the Skype website.

Skype for Content Creators

How to Record Skype Calls

Once you’ve installed the required version of Skype, recording is pretty straight forward.Skype Version

Just initiate a call or receive a call. On the lower right hand corner of your Skype window you’ll see a plus sign (+) and you’ll just have to click it to show the option to record call.

There’s a split second where Skype would seem to blink but not to worry as it’s just initiating the recording. If you are the caller and you’re the one who initiated the recording, your receiver will be see a notification on his end that you’re recording the call.

To stop the recording, you can just click on stop recording. The recorded file is save on the cloud. You’ll have 30 days to access the recording and to get a copy, you can just right click and choose the option to download.

Skype Recording Quality

My initial test of the call went well, however, in terms of quality, I don’t think it is at par with the quality that Ecamm Call Recorder provides (at least at the time of test recording).

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