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How to Manually Submit Podcast to Spotify

Hi and welcome to All About Podcast. My name is Florante, and in today's video, we're going to talk about how to get your podcast that's Libysn hosted and have the RSS feed through Libsyn submitted to Spotify.

Now, some of you may already have your podcasts almost automatically submitted to Spotify, and that's actually what happened to some of the clients that I have worked with. So the reason why I'm sharing this with you is because some of the clients that I have worked with have not been able to get their show to Spotify automatically. And one of these shows is an example that I'm going to show you right now.

So what we're going to do is I'm going to manually submit her show to Spotify. But for some of the clients that I've been working with, it seems like it was automatically added to Spotify. So what I'm going to do. If you're having the same problem, if you're having the same situation, I'm going to show you how you can actually manually submit your podcast to Spotify. All right. So if you're ready, let's go ahead. I'll go ahead and open a browser. So right now, I'm already log into Libsyn and this is the account that I'm talking about and this is the Indy Author podcasts. OK, now if you check on the destinations, you will notice that, of course, no Spotify. So we'll go ahead and submit this to Spotify. And all we need to do is to click on Add New. Go ahead and click on ADD. I'll just fill out the information, details required in these different fields in here now, since I don't have with me the information like the show title and the summary and all those stuff, you could just click on Libsyn classic feed.

And open it in a new tab, you will see all the details that you need so you can fill out basically just copying all the information from this RSS, feed it and putting it to your Spotify listing. And if you have everything confirm and verify that they're accurate, you can just go ahead and take the approved mark. So here you will see that the approval of your submission takes about two weeks. So we'll just go ahead and click on Save.

OK, so there you go. So all I need to do is to just wait for it to be accepted or to be approved on Spotify, if you're on Libsyn, that's how you can manually add your podcast to Spotify. And once again, you just have to expect for about two weeks for the approval. So if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and if you have any topics that you have in mind, if you would like me to discuss or to create any tutorial, feel free to let me know.

And if you're looking for services, especially podcast's services, you can visit me on my Web site. That's all aboutpodcast dot com. Once again, my name is Florante. Thank you so much for watching. Please don't forget to click on Subscribe, hit the thumbs up or share it with your friends. Thank you for watching.

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