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Five Tips to Reach New Podcast Listeners

At some point you may find yourself doing all the things you think would work for your podcast, but still don’t get the results you wanted. .

Congratulations, it’s great to know that you are looking at your numbers and evaluating your strategies. I’ve worked with different clients who found themselves in this conundrum and from here I’d like to share some thoughts that I’ve gleaned from those who’ve made great strides in their podcast to reach new podcast listeners.

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Here are my five tips so you can reach new podcast listeners.

#1 Connect with community admins where your audience hangout

Reach out to community admins where your audience hangout and have them on your show. If you’re able to do that, you not only get a reputable person on your podcast, but at the same time, you can (almost always) automatically connect with the audience they have.

#2 Record your podcast in video instead of just pure audio format.

Start recording your podcast in video and not just audio then repurpose into different formats for different platforms. Remember, that video has proven to have higher engagements, so use that engagement to drive those viewers into listeners of your podcast. You can also use video snippets like audiograms for this purpose. If you’re not familiar with that, I have a video tutorial on how to create Audiogram videos using Headliner. Check it out.

#3 Ask your guest to help you promote your episode to their audience

In relation to point #1, if your podcast is an interview format, always ask your guest to promote your episode to their audience. To make this easier for them, be sure to send them a preformatted template where you just have to change the episode details like episode title, embed codes, audio links, quotes, and other relevant marketing materials you can both use to promote.

#4 Email – is still alive

Don’t forget that email is still alive and can still be a great tool to get your podcast to your audience. If you have a list, be sure that they do get updates every time you have an episode.

If you already have a Facebook group or page, I think it’s time for you to revisit and check your engagement in these two channels. Evaluate what you’re doing that’s getting a lot of traction and do more of that. If you’re not getting any engagements, then ask yourself, are you being “audience” focused or are you just talking about yourself. Always keep in mind connection and relatability, that’s what makes people engage.

I hope one of these suggestions will help you in a positive way. Keep on podcasting. Because believe it or not, you can change the world, one episode at a time.

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