How to Simplify Podcast Subscription for Android Users Using Subscribe on Android iOS and iTunes are the household terms when it comes to podcasting. But with billions of Android users all over the globe, I think it's wise to make subscribing to your podcast simple and quick for Android users too. So in this tutorial, I'm going to show you the simple way of making your [...]

Podcast Connect – Apple’s Latest Podcast Management Dashboard

If you tried submitting your podcast to iTunes until yesterday, you might have been met with a scare because the submit podcast button suddenly disappeared on iTunes. I just learned of this yesterday when my friend and fellow podcast manager, Ron, alerted me of the issue. It started with podcast submissions getting this weird redirect page [...]

How to Record Skype Calls Using Pamela Call Recorder In this video, I'm going to show you how to configure Pamela Call Recorder to record your Skype Calls. You will learn How to record your calls in 2 channels. How to change the default folder where your recordings are stored How to configure Pamela to open your preferred audio editing software each time [...]

How to Install and Configure Libsyn Podcasting Plugin for WordPress

Podcasters who use Libsyn as their media host and have a Wordpress site are up for an early treat. Libsyn just came up with a long awaited Wordpress plugin that will make blogging and podcasting even more seamless and hassle free. The Libsyn podcasting plugin for wordpress is currently in its public beta stage and so [...]